Grants for Culture
The City of Oulu's educational services and cultural services support arts and culture actors as well as art professionals and their working groups with grants.

Contact information

Johanna Tuukkanen,
Head of Cultural Services
puh. 044 703 7510

Jouni Pääkkölä, Cultural Director
puh. 050 361 8109

Grants for Culture

The application period for the Oulu Valistustalo Fund grants this year is 7.3. –1.4.2022 at 15.30

City of Oulu's Educational and Cultural Services, manages the Valistustalo Fund. Grants are given to private persons, worck groups and associations in various fields of art and culture.

Grants are primarily allocated to artistic work, works of art and artistic productions. One example is scriptwriting, which has become increasingly important as a form of artistic creation. Grants are also intended to support the early development of stories or productions to create, among other things, audiovisual productions, events or immersive works of art. The grant applied may cover, for example, 1-2 months of work, either independently or in collaboration with a producer.

The proposal for grants is prepared by a working group and the selection is guided by the grant principles approved by the City of Oulu Cultural Board.


Smaller subsidies for cultural  event organizers

The City of Oulu’s Cultural Services has smaller subsidies to support cultural event organizers. The maximum amount to apply is 500€, and the whole subsidy should be used for organizing a cultural event open for public. The application process is continuous. The decision is made by the Cultural Director.

The general principles for admitting a subsidy as well as necessary application forms are on this same page.

Please submit your application and the attachments to the City of Oulu registration office by e mail:

Application forms


Valistustalo Fund 2022 (PDF)


Smaller subsidies for cultural  event organizers (PDF)